Country Camp Rules

The Camping stalls must not be exceeded:

It is recommended that campers comply with applicable camping rules, it means that there must be at least 3 feet from rope to rope.

It is therefore important that you stay within the marked bays, so that between your neighbor and your tent / caravan is the statutory meters.


It is not allowed to park beside his caravan or tent. After installation the car must be parked in the parking lot at the entrance to the campground.

Fire roads and fire exits:

Fire roads may not be used for parking and the like, and they must always be feasible.

Open flames:

Use of grill and open flames are not permitted for reasons of fire.

Fire extinguishing equipment:

It is not allowed to remove or misuse the fire extinguishing equipment.

If misuse ocur, the person can be held responsible and a compensation may be claimed.

Road signs or paths marking :

It is not allowed to remove road signs or marks given.

Electricity and power connections:

In terms of electrical power, it is not permitted to to connect or to borrow from the neighbor, and why? , Our electrician can not control the power, if everyone just use power from a terminal not assigned to them without prior agreement from the camp manager.

Garbage and waste bins:

Waste must be returned in the set garbage bags around the site. Please contact the camp manager to exchange filled out bags.

Toilet & bath facilities:

It is recommended that you leave the toilet and shower facilities in a clean condition after use.It ia nice to use clean facilities.

If it is observed that there is no more or just little toilet paper or the like. Please contact the camp manager.

Nights rest:

It is required that campers take their neighbors into consideration, and that after the hours. 23:00 avoid unnecessary noise. There is some working helpers who must get up early and do their work making the greatest Country Festival for you.

Violation of the above rules will result in expulsion or exclusion from the site.

Sincerely, Leif Jensen, the president of Country Truck Stop Denmark.

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